THEODENT Kids Whitening Chocolate Chip - Fluoride free toothpaste for kids, 96.4 g.

THEODENT Kids Whitening Chocolate Chip - Fluoride free toothpaste for kids, 96.4 g.

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Theodent Kids fluoride-free toothpaste is the newest edition to the Theodent oral care line. Studies have shown that children ingest anywhere between 30%-75% of toothpaste while brushing. Traditional fluoride-based toothpastes carry federally mandated warning labels that caution consumers against ingestion. Theodent Kids finally offers a solution to the “do not swallow” dilemma of children’s toothpaste. Harnessing the power of the cocoa bean, Theodent Kids boasts a non-toxic and revolutionary alternative to fluoride, Rennou. Rennou is 100% kid-friendly and not harmful if swallowed. The best part is…Theodent Kids actually tastes like chocolate and is SLS-free.


Brush your teeth with Theodent Kids paste for 2 minutes, after brushing, spread the pea of the paste on the teeth, leave for 30 seconds.


Theobromine, Calcium acetate, Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Purified water, Hydrated silica, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Glycerin, Xanthan gum, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Titanium dioxide, Stevia extract, Sodium bicarbonate, Chocolate extract sugar-free, Vanilla extract sugar-free

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