HYLO DUAL INTENSE eye drops 10 ml

HYLO DUAL INTENSE eye drops 10 ml

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When tear production is disrupted or the composition of the tear film is insufficient, for example due to an inadequate fat content, the symptoms of dry eyes can quickly develop. The surface of the eye can no longer be sufficiently moistened with tear film so the conjunctiva and cornea dry out. Typical complaints like burning, itching and watery eyes then appear, often accompanied by the sensation of having a grain of sand in your eye.

With their double action principle, HYLO DUAL INTENSE® eye drops are particularly suitable for eyes that suffer from chronic dryness and tend to develop inflammatory symptoms. The particularly high 0.2% concentration of hyaluronic acid makes the drops highly viscous. This means that the eye can be supplied with an intensive, stable and long-lasting film of moisture. This helps to relieve severe, even chronic complaints and provide eyes with continuous protection from irritation.

An overview of the special characteristics of HYLO DUAL INTENSE® eye drops:

  • Double action principle with the combination of 0.2% hyaluronic acid and 2% Ectoin.
  • Intensive and long-lasting moisturisation for chronically dry eyes with inflammatory symptoms.
  • Stabilisation of the tear film.
  • Long-lasting relief of the symptoms of inflammation with intensive moisturisation.
  • Supports the body’s own barrier function against inflammatory irritants.
  • Protection of the surface of the eye from further drying.
  • Preservative and phosphate-free.
  • Highly efficient due to the patented COMOD® System.
  • Can be kept for 6 months after opening.
Chronically dry eyes – a case for HYLO DUAL INTENSE®

If your eyes itch and burn only from time to time, moisturising eye drops like HYLO FRESH® are usually sufficient. However, if symptoms persist, Sicca-Syndrome, as dry eyes are referred to by doctors, becomes chronic. For this there is an intensive treatment with HYLO DUAL INTENSE®, as chronically dry eyes require a long-lasting moisturiser that protects them from irritation.

An unstable tear film is often the cause of persistent of recurring eye complaints, but is stabilised by HYLO DUAL INTENSE® eye drops. High-quality hyaluronic acid forms a protective film, thus reducing friction between the eyelid and the cornea - real relief for stressed, irritated eyes.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE® eye drops sooth inflammation with intensive moisturisation

The special combination of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and the natural substance called Ectoin both protects eyes and soothes inflammation with intensive moisturisation. The increased water retention also reinforces the physiological barrier against external inflammatory irritations. Ectoin soothes strained tissue and reduces typical symptoms like burning, itching and redness. As well as this, it alleviates environmentally-related irritation that leads to inflammatory symptoms.

Particularly high concentrations of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body. It has a high water-binding capacity, which means that it can adhere to the surface of tissues for a long time.

In HYLO EYE CARE® Produkten products, high quality hyaluronic acid is used. It generally ensures uniform, stable and particularly long-lasting moisturisation of the surface of the eye. In HYLO DUAL INTENSE® the 0.2% concentration is particularly high. This results in intensive eye wetting. The high viscosity of the long-chain hyaluronic acid means that the drops remain on the surface of the eye for a long time and provide long-term relief from irritation.

With the natural substance Ectoin

The natural substance Ectoin is derived from microorganisms and has outstanding water-binding properties. As a result, HYLO DUAL INTENSE® eye drops help to form an intensive moisture film on the surface of the eyes. Ectoin also stabilises the fatty phase of the tear film.

Ectoin is formed from bacteria that can survive under extreme environmental conditions. For example, these occur in water with very high salt content and produce the substance to stop themselves from being dried out and from environmental effects. In HYLO DUAL INTENSE®, this active process is transferred from nature to the moisturisation of the eyes.

Advice for wearers of contact lenses: HYLO DUAL INTENSE® is not suitable for use with contact lenses due to its high viscosity.

Consult with your doctor before use.


Step 1. Remove the cap before each use. To open, hold the cap as close to the bottle as possible. With the other hand, pull the bottle away from the cap with a twisting motion. Before using HYLO DUAL INTENSE® for the first time, press the bottom of the vial several times until the dropper tip the first drops do not come out. This makes the vial ready for first use. Step 2. Hold the bottle with the dropper tip down, the thumb is placed next to the drip tip, place the other fingers on the bottom of the bottle. Step 3. Support the hand with the vial of HYLO DUAL INTENSE® with the other free hand. Step 4. Slightly tilt your head back, slightly pull the lower eyelid away from the eye with your free hand and press quickly and strongly on the center of the vial. This will activate the dispensing mechanism one drop. Special valve mechanism used in the system COMOD® guarantees the same droplet size and the same drip rate even with strong pressure on the bottom of the vial. Close the eye slowly so that the liquid can flow evenly spread over its surface. Step 5. After use, close the bottle carefully with the cap. Ensure to keep the tip of the dropper dry. When dripping into the eye avoid contact of the drip tip with the eye or skin face.


1 ml of HYLO DUAL INTENSE® contains 2 mg of sodium hyaluronate, 20 mg ectoin, boric acid, sodium tetraborate decahydrate and water for injection.


Adults and children over 6 years of age apply HYLO DUAL INTENSE® 3 times a day 1 drop into the conjunctival sac of each eye. If it necessary, HYLO DUAL INTENSE® can be used more often. If you want to use HYLO DUAL INTENSE® more frequently (e.g. more than 10 times a day), if you feel prolonged discomfort, you should consult an ophthalmologist. HYLO DUAL INTENSE® is suitable for long-term use.

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