HYLO FRESH eye drops 10 ml

HYLO FRESH eye drops 10 ml

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HYLO FRESH® lubricating eye drops are targeted at the symptoms of tired, dry eyes and give them the required blast of freshness. Thanks to their ingredients Euphrasia and hyaluronan, the drops support the natural tear film and thus alleviate symptoms such as redness or itching. HYLO FRESH® lubricating eye drops are therefore the optimal aid for occasionally stressed eyes. We recommend HYLO COMOD® for repeated and severe symptoms of dry eyes.

The benefits of HYLO FRESH® at a glance:

  • With hyaluronan and Euphrasia, the drops relieve the symptoms of irritated eyes and refresh them.
  • Good tolerability, even with hard and soft contact lenses.
  • High yield with more than 300 drops per pack.
  • Dispensed in the practical COMOD® system.
  • Can be used for up to six months after opening.
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates.

HYLO FRESH® eye drops: the blast of freshness for your eyes

HYLO FRESH® lubricating eye drops bring new freshness to stressed and tired eyes. Air that is too dry or working at a monitor for a long time put a strain on your eyes and dry them out. The tear film breaks up and the eyes become red and burn. This is where HYLO FRESH® eye drops with hyaluronan and eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) can help. They replenish the depleted tear film, lubricate the surface of the eye and give your eyes moisture and new freshness.

For eyes irritated by dry air, contact lenses or working at a monitor: HYLO FRESH® eye drops

When your eyes dry out and tire from environmental impacts, HYLO FRESH® is just what they need. Influences such as dry air in the room, draughts, strong sunlight, dust or pollen irritate the surface of the eye and dry out the natural tear film. Wearing contact lenses can also hinder the lubrication of the eye. The consequence: the eyes tire quickly, become red and burn.

Nowadays, a particular problem is caused by the intensive use of smartphones, tablets, computers and the like. When working at a monitor, your eyes focus strongly on a small area. When concentrating, your eyes blink considerably less than usual. Because of the lack of blinking, the lacrimal fluid is insufficiently spread over the surface of the eye and the film of fluid breaks up. This leads to typical symptoms of overstressed, tired eyes such as redness, burning or swelling of the eyelids. Here, too, HYLO FRESH® lubricating eye drops help to make your eyes fit again.

Alert eyes thanks to hyaluronan and Euphrasia

As well as hyaluronan, HYLO FRESH® lubricating eye drops also contain an extract of Euphrasia officinalis, better known as eyebright. Traditionally, this ingredient has been used for centuries for treating inflammation and irritation of the eye in order to soothe burning, reddened eyes.

The hyaluronan contained in HYLO FRESH® is in the form of the salt sodium hyaluronate. This makes the consistency of the eye drops more viscous compared to water, so the fluid adheres longer to the surface of the eye and counteracts the drying out.

HYLO FRESH® lubricating eye drops are free from preservatives which can damage the eyes and cause intolerability reactions. Furthermore, HYLO FRESH® eye drops – like all products of the HYLO® EYE CARE range – do not use phosphates. Phosphate can lead to the build-up of calcium deposits on damaged corneas.

Consult with your doctor before use.


Step 1. Remove the cap before each use. To open, hold the cap as close to the bottle as possible. With the other hand, pull the bottle away from the cap with a twisting motion. Before using HYLO FRESH® for the first time, press the bottom of the vial several times until the dropper tip the first drops do not come out. This makes the vial ready for first use. Step 2. Hold the bottle with the dropper tip down, the thumb is placed next to the drip tip, place the other fingers on the bottom of the bottle. Step 3. Support the hand with the vial of HYLO FRESH® with the other free hand. Step 4. Slightly tilt your head back, slightly pull the lower eyelid away from the eye with your free hand and press quickly and strongly on the center of the vial. This will activate the dispensing mechanism one drop. Special valve mechanism used in the system COMOD® guarantees the same droplet size and the same drip rate even with strong pressure on the bottom of the vial. Close the eye slowly so that the liquid can flow evenly spread over its surface. Step 5. After use, close the bottle carefully with the cap. Ensure to keep the tip of the dropper dry. When dripping into the eye avoid contact of the drip tip with the eye or skin face.


1 ml of HYLO FRESH® contains 0,3 mg of sodium hyaluronate, the original tincture of Euphrasia officinalis, boric acid, tetraborate sodium and sterilized water.


Apply HYLO FRESH® 3 times a day 1 drop into the conjunctival sac of each eye. If it necessary, HYLO FRESH® can be used more often. If you want to use HYLO FRESH® more frequently (for example, more than 10 times a day), if you feel prolonged discomfort, you should consult an ophthalmologist. HYLO FRESH® is suitable for long-term use.

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