HYLO GEL eye drops 10 ml

HYLO GEL eye drops 10 ml

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HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops have been developed for the special requirements of chronically dry eyes and for particularly severe cases of dry eyes.

The benefits of HYLO GEL® at a glance:

  • Intensive and long-lasting eye lubrication due to 0.2% hyaluronan for severe and sustained symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Supports the regeneration of the surface of the eye after operations.
  • Prescription-free yet can be prescribed in cases of damage to the lacrimal gland, various autoimmune diseases, inability to close the eyelids completely (lagophthalmos) and facial nerve paralysis.
  • No impairment of vision.
  • High yield of at least 300 drops.
  • Simple to dispense thanks to the COMOD® system.
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates.

HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops provide reliable lubrication of the surface of the eye and so protect against drying out and damage. We recommend HYLO FRESH® and HYLO COMOD® eye drops for occasional or moderate symptoms.

HYLO GEL® eye drops support for very dry eyes

HYLO GEL® eye drops provide intensive and long-lasting lubrication for severe cases of dry eyes. The drops have a highly viscous consistency and are therefore ideal for the special needs of severe and chronic eye symptoms. In addition, they are outstandingly well-suited to supporting the healing of eyes following an operation.

HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops can be prescribed for some diseases because of their therapeutic properties. In these cases, they can be prescribed by the doctor and the costs can be paid by health insurance funds. HYLO GEL® eye drops contain the ingredient hyaluronan and are free from preservatives and phosphates. That is why HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops have very good tolerability.

HYLO GEL® eye drops: for severe and chronic cases of dry eyes

Anyone who suffers constantly from severe symptoms of dry eyes often feels that his/her whole quality of life has been affected. This is hardly surprising, as the symptoms can be accompanied not only by unsightly redness, but also by a scratching, burning or painful foreign body sensation in the eye.

The reason for this is usually insufficient productsion of lacrimal fluid. But also when the tear film has a disrupted composition, it can lead to the normal lubrication of the surface of the eye no longer being possible. The eyes start to water and yet are not protected against drying out and irritation.

Defective or insufficient lubrication of the eye can lead to drying out and damage of the cornea and increase the risk of infection. HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops are an effective means of relieving the symptoms and avoiding possible secondary diseases.

It is also possible that the productsion of tears is hindered or disrupted after eye surgery, like in the treatment of glaucoma or cataracts. In such cases, it is particularly important to have good eye lubrication for the healing and regeneration of the surface of the eye. HYLO GEL® eye drops are also ideal in this case for supporting the natural tear film.

Intensive lubrication, long-lasting effect, good tolerability

The viscous and good adherence properties of HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops make them special. They facilitate long-lasting contact of the film of fluid with the surface of the eye. The eyelids can close smoothly without irritation occurring again and without the tears being washed away.

The elastic consistency of HYLO GEL® lubricating eye drops is due to the special properties of the hyaluronan used. Hyaluronan is a substance which is naturally present in the eye and other areas of the body, for example as a main component of joint fluid, and it is therefore very well tolerated. Despite their gel-like consistency, HYLO GEL® eye drops do not impair vision and they can even be used at the same time as contact lenses. Like all products from the HYLO EYE CARE® range, HYLO GEL® eye drops are free from preservatives and phosphates and therefore are well tolerated.

Consult with your doctor before use.


Step 1. Remove the cap before each use. To open, hold the cap as close to the bottle as possible. With the other hand, pull the bottle away from the cap with a twisting motion. Before using HYLO® GEL for the first time, press the bottom of the vial several times until the dropper tip the first drops do not come out. This makes the vial ready for first use. Step 2. Hold the bottle with the dropper tip down, the thumb is placed next to the drip tip, place the other fingers on the bottom of the bottle. Step 3. Support the hand with the vial of HYLO® GEL with the other free hand. Step 4. Slightly tilt your head back, slightly pull the lower eyelid away from the eye with your free hand and press quickly and strongly on the center of the vial. This will activate the dispensing mechanism one drop. Special valve mechanism used in the system COMOD® guarantees the same droplet size and the same drip rate even with strong pressure on the bottom of the vial. Close the eye slowly so that the liquid can flow evenly spread over its surface. Step 5. After use, close the bottle carefully with the cap. Ensure to keep the tip of the dropper dry. When dripping into the eye avoid contact of the drip tip with the eye or skin face.


1 ml of HYLO® GEL contains 2 mg of sodium hyaluronate, citric acid anhydrous, sodium citrate, sorbitol and sterilized water.


Apply HYLO® GEL 3 times a day 1 drop into the conjunctival sac of each eye. With stronger difficulties, HYLO® GEL can be used more often. If you should use HYLO® GEL more frequently (e.g. more than 10 times a day), have your eyes examined by your ophthalmologist. HYLO® GEL is suitable for long-term use, however, with prolonged discomfort, you should, as with all diseases, consult an ophthalmologist.

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